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December 2020 Holidays + Fun, Weird and Special Dates

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Are you a small business owner or marketer? Looking for December holidays or special dates to celebrate on social media?

Marketing your business on social media just got a lot easier with this complete list of holidays, observances, and special dates for December 2020.

The list includes more than 200 different holidays and observances to celebrate in December.

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Holiday Hashtags for Social Media

When celebrating holidays on social media, it’s important to include the relevant hashtag(s) for that holiday in your post.

Using hashtags will help increase the reach of your post, exposing your business to a larger audience.

Hashtags are such an essential piece to your success on social media that I’ve done the research for you.

Most of the holidays listed below include the corresponding hashtag for social media.

For more social media post ideas read: What to Post on Social Media – 100 Post Ideas for 2020.

List of December 2020 Holidays

In an effort to simplify this massive list of holidays, I’ve divided the days into five categories – public holidays, religious holidays, monthly observances, weekly observances, and daily observances.

Scroll down to view all 200+ holidays or use the following links to skip ahead to a specific category.

Access all Holidays for the Year

Bonus 2021 Holidays

Did you know there are over 3,300 holidays to celebrate on social media each year? 

Click here for a complete listing of holidays for every month of the year.  

If you’d like a printable PDF with all the holidays listed out by month, check out the Social Media Content App.  It includes a free PDF of all 3,300+ holidays.

December 2020 Public Holidays

This list contains public holidays and special observances in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
DateHolidayHashtagWhere Observed
December 1Giving Tuesday #GivingTuesdayUnited States
December 10Hanukkah Begins #HanukkahWorldwide
December 16Las Posadas Begins#LasPosadasLatin America, Mexico
December 18Hanukkah Ends #HanukkahWorldwide
December 211st Day of Winter#WinterSolstice Northern Hemisphere
December 21December Solstice#SummerSolsticeSouthern Hemisphere
December 24Las Posadas Ends#LasPosadasLatin America, Mexico
December 24Christmas Eve#ChristmasEveWorldwide
December 25Christmas Day#ChristmasWorldwide
December 26Boxing Day#BoxingDayAustralia, Canada, UK
December 26Proclamation Day#ProclamationDaySouth Australia
December 28Proclamation Day Observed#ProclamationDaySouth Australia
December 31New Year's Eve#NYEWorldwide

December 2020 Religious Holidays

December 8Feast of the Immaculate ConceptionChristian
December 10Hanukkah BeginsJewish
December 12Feast of Our Lady of GuadalupeChristian
December 18 Hanukkah EndsJewish
December 24Christmas EveChristian
December 25 Christmas Christian
December 26Kwanzaa BeginsAfrican

December 2020 Monthly Observances

AIDS Awareness Month
Bingo’s Birthday Month
Buckwheat Month
MADD Tie One On For Safety
National Car Donation Month
National Drunk & Drugged Driving (3D) Prevention Month
National Human Rights Month
National Impaired Driving Prevention Month
National Pear Month
National Tie Month
National Write A Business Plan Month
Root Vegetables and Exotic Fruits Month
Safe Toys and Gifts Awareness Month
Spiritual Literacy Month
Spiritual Literacy Month
Universal Human Rights Month
Worldwide Food Service Safety Month
Youngsters on The Air Month

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December 2020 Weekly Observances

Dec. 1 - 7Crohn's and Colitis Awareness Week
Dec. 6 - 12Clerc-Gallaudet Week
Dec. 6 - 12Computer Science Education Week
Dec. 6 - 12Human Rights Week
Dec. 6 - 12National Cookie Cutter Week
Dec. 6 - 12National Hand Washing Awareness Week
Dec. 6 - 12Older Driver Safety Awareness Week
Dec. 6 - 12Recipe Greetings For The Holidays Week
Dec. 13 - 19Gluten-free Baking Week
Dec. 14 - Jan. 5Christmas Bird Count
Dec. 17 - 23Saturnalia

December 2020 Daily Observances

1Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day#BifocalsAtTheMonitorLiberationDay
1Civil Air Patrol Day#CivilAirPatrolDay
1Day Without Art Day#DayWithoutArt
1Eat a Red Apple Day#EatARedAppleDay
1Giving Tuesday#GivingTuesday
1National Christmas Lights Day#ChristmasLightsDay
1National Pie Day #NationalPieDay
1Rosa Parks Day#RosaParksDay
1World AIDS Day#WorldAidsDay
1World Trick Shot Day#TrickShotDay
2International Day for the Abolition of Slavery#DayForTheAbolitionOfSlavery
2National Fritters Day#NationalFrittersDay
2National Mutt Day#NationalMuttDay
2National Package Protection Day#PackageProtectionDay
2National Package Protection Day #PackageProtectionDay
2Safety Razor Day#SafetyRazorDay
2Special Education Day#SpecialEducationDay
2Special Kids Day#SpecialKidsDay
3International Day of Persons with Disabilities#DisabilityDay
3Make a Gift Day#MakeAGiftDay
3National Roof Over Your Head Day#RoofOverYourHeadDay
4Bartender Appreciation Day#BartenderAppreciationDay
4Faux Fur Friday#FauxFurFriday
4National Cookie Day#NationalCookieDay
4National Dice Day#NationalDiceDay
4National Sock Day#NationalSockDay
4Wear Brown Shoes Day#WearBrownShoesDay
4Wildlife Conservation Day#WildlifeConservationDay
5AFL-CIO Day#AflCioDay
5Bathtub Party Day#BathtubPartyDay
5International Ninja Day#InternationalNinjaDay
5International Volunteer Day #VolunteerDay
5National Rhubarb Vodka Day#RhubarbVodkaDay
5National Rhubarb Vodka Day #NationalRhubarbVodkaDay
5National Sacher Torte Day#NationalSacherTorteDay
5Repeal Day#RepealDay
5Skywarn Recognition Day#SkywarnRecognitionDay
5World Soil Day#WorldSoilDay
6Miners’ Day#NationalMinersDay
6Mitten Tree Day#MittenTreeDay
6National Gazpacho Day#NationalGazpachoDay
6National Microwave Oven Day#MicrowaveOvenDay
6National Pawnbrokers Day#NationalPawnbrokersDay
6Put on Your Own Shoes Day#PutOnYourOwnShoesDay
6St. Nicholas Day #StNicholasDay
7International Civil Aviation Day#CivilAviationDay
7Letter Writing Day#LetterWritingDay
7National Cotton Candy Day#NationalCottonCandyDay
7National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day#PearlHarborRemembranceDay
8National Brownie Day#NationalBrownieDay
8Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day#PretendToBeATimeTraveler
8World Pear Day#WorldPearDay
9Christmas Card Day#ChristmasCardDay
9International Anti-Corruption Day#AntiCorruptionDay
9National Llama Day#LlamaDay
9National Pastry Day#NationalPastryDay
9Weary Willie Day#WearyWillieDay
9World Techno Day#WorldTechnoDay
10Dewey Decimal System Day#DeweyDecimalSystemDay
10Human Rights Day#HumanRightsDay
10National Lager Day#NationalLagerDay
10Nobel Prize Day#NobelPrizeDay
11International Mountain Day#MountainDay
11National App Day#NationalAppDay
11National Noodle Ring Day#NationalNoodleRingDay
11National Salesperson's Day#SalespersonsDay
11Official Lost & Found Day#OfficialLostAndFoundDay
12Gingerbread Decorating Day#GingerbreadDecoratingDay
12Gingerbread House Day#GingerbreadHouseDay
12International Shareware Day#SharewareDay
12National 12-hour Fresh Breath Day#12HourFreshBreathDay
12National Ambrosia Day#NationalAmbrosiaDay
12National Ding-a-Ling Day#NationalDingALingDay
12Poinsettia Day#NationalPoinsettiaDay
13National Cocoa Day#NationalCocoaDay
13National Day Of The Horse#DayOfTheHorse
13National Violin Day#NationalViolinDay
13Pick A Pathologist Pal Day#PickAPathologistPalDay
13U.S. National Guard Birthday#NationalGuardBirthday
13World Choral Day#WorldChoralDay
13Worldwide Candle Lighting Day #CandleLightingDay
14Green Monday#GreenMonday
14Monkey Day#MonkeyDay
14National Bouillabaisse Day#BouillabaisseDay
15Bill of Rights Day #BillOfRightsDay
15Cat Herders' Day#CatHerdersDay
15International Tea Day#TeaDay
15National Cupcake Day#NationalCupcakeDay
15National Wear Your Pearls Day#NationalWearYourPearlsDay
16Barbie and Barney Backlash Day#BarbieAndBarneyBacklashDay
16National Chocolate Covered Anything Day#ChocolateCoveredAnythingDay
17National Maple Syrup Day#MapleSyrupDay
17Pan American Aviation Day#PanAmericanAviationDay
17Wright Brothers Day#WrightBrothersDay
18Answer the Phone Like Buddy the Elf Day#AnswerThePhoneLikeBuddyTheElfDay
18Arabic Language Day#ArabicLanguageDay
18International Migrants Day#MigrantsDay
18National Roast Suckling Pig Day#RoastSucklingPigDay
18National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day#UglyChristmasSweaterDay
18Underdog Day#UnderdogDay
19National Emo Day#EmoDay
19National Hard Candy Day#NationalHardCandyDay
19National Oatmeal Muffin Day#OatmealMuffinDay
19National Regifting Day#NationalReGiftingDay
19National Wreaths Across America Day#WreathsAcrossAmericaDay
20Games Day#GamesDay
20International Human Solidarity Day#HumanSolidarityDay
20Mudd Day#MuddDay
20National Sangria Day#NationalSangriaDay
21Anne and Samantha Day#AnneSamanthaDay
21Crossword Puzzle Day #CrosswordPuzzleDa
21Forefathers' Day#ForefathersDay
21Humbug Day #HumbugDay
21International Dalek Remembrance Day#DalekRemembranceDay
21National Coquito Day#CoquitoDay
21National Flashlight Day#NationalFlashlightDay
21National French Fried Shrimp Day#FrenchFriedShrimpDay
21National Homeless Persons’ Remembrance Day#HomelessPersonsRemembranceDay
21Phileas Fogg Win A Wager Day#PhileasFoggWinAWagerDay
21Short Girl Appreciation Day#ShortGirlAppreciationDay
21Yule #Yule
22National Cookie Exchange Day#CookieExchangeDay
22National Date Nut Bread Day#DateNutBreadDay
23National Pfeffernusse Day#NationalPfeffernusseDay
23National Roots Day#NationalRootsDay
24National Eggnog Day#NationalEggnogDay
25National Pumpkin Pie Day#NationalPumpkinPieDay
25No “L” Day#NoLDay
26National Candy Cane Day#NationalCandyCaneDay
26National Thank You Note Day#NationalThankYouNoteDay
26National Whiner’s Day#NationalWhinersDay
27National Fruitcake Day #NationalFruitcakeDay
27Visit The Zoo Day#VisitTheZooDay
28Call a Friend Day#CallAFriendDay
28Holy Innocents' Day#HolyInnocentsDay
28National Card Playing Day#CardPlayingDay
28National Chocolate Candy Day#ChocolateCandyDay
28National Download Day#DownloadDay
28National Short Film Day#ShortFilmDay
28Pledge of Allegiance Day#PledgeOfAllegianceDay
29National Pepper Pot Day#NationalPepperPotDay
29Still Need To Do Day#StillNeedToDoDay
29Tick Tock Day#TickTockDay
30Bacon Day#BaconDay
30Falling Needles Family Fest Day#FallingNeedlesFamilyFestDay
30National Bicarbonate of Soda Day#BicarbonateOfSodaDay
31Make Up Your Mind Day#MakeUpYourMindDay
31National Champagne Day#NationalChampagneDay
31No Interruptions Day #NoInterruptionsDay
31Universal Hour of Peace Day#HourOfPeaceDay
31World Peace Meditation Day#PeaceMeditationDay

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