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Angie Gensler teaches online business owners how to use online sales funnels and digital marketing strategies to drive traffic, generate leads, and increase sales. She is a seasoned marketing professional focused on keeping it real. This means real simple tutorials and resources that cut out the confusion and provide actionable tips. She is passionate about her family, dance parties, and creating a life worth living!

How to Create and Use a Social Media Content Calendar

If you share social media content for your business, you know all too well how difficult it is to consistently post creative and unique content. To successfully manage social media, it’s essential to use a social media content calendar. In this post, I’m going to walk you through how [...]

65 Social Media Questions to Increase Engagement

Social media engagement is something all business owners and marketers are trying to increase. But how do you get more engagement in a diluted pool of content that’s obsolete in a matter of minutes? Simple. You ask questions. Asking your audience thought-provoking and emotion-stirring questions is one of the [...]

How to Schedule Social Media Posts Without Spending A Dime

Whether you’re a brand new blogger or seasoned entrepreneur, managing all the social media channels for your business and learning how to schedule social media posts can be overwhelming and feel like a full-time job. Each social media channel has unique quirks to learn and rules of engagement to [...]

9 Must Have (and Free) WordPress Plugins for New Bloggers & Business Owners

WordPress is one of the largest blogging and CMS (Content Management Systems) on the internet. If you’re a new business or blogger, chances are your website is built with WordPress.   The best part about WordPress? The plugins! Plugins are small pieces of software that can be added to [...]

How to Create an Email Course in 5 Simple Steps

Email courses are all the rage right now and for good reason. Free email courses are a great way to build the "know, like and trust" factor with your audience. So, naturally, I jumped on the course bandwagon and finally completed my free Pinterest for Business 5-day email course this [...]

Learn the Traffic Driving Strategies I Use to Grow My Blog

April was a month full of testing, refining, and building on my traffic growth strategies. In this post, I’ll walk you through the elements I tested and share what worked and what didn’t. I also created two short video tutorials to walk you through my best strategies to Pin [...]

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