December Social Media Post Ideas + Done-For-You Content

Business owners face two big issues with social media marketing – lack of time and lack of content. 

Lucky for you, I’m going to solve both of those issues in this post!

Keep reading, because you’ll discover what to post to social media during the month of December. 

Plus, I have a resource that will make social media marketing so effortless it will become your favorite productivity hack. 

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Content That Gets Engagement

When creating social media content, it’s important to create content that will serve your audience and generate engagement. 

Engagement includes comments, likes, shares, and views of your content and it’s the key to your success on social media. 

Not only does engagement let you know what type of content your audience likes, but it also lets the algorithm know that your content is valuable and should be shown more often. 

So how do you get more engagement on social media? 

The short answer is…

  • Share an image or video with every post 
  • Ask questions 
  • Use hashtags 
  • Share inspiring content 
  • Celebrate holidays

For the long answer with detailed examples and statistics, read my blog post: 5 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement. 

Now that you know 5 simple ways to get more engagement, let’s walk through the social media content ideas for December. 

What to Post on Social Media in December

The first thing you want to do when planning out your content for the month is open your favorite calendar tool and start building out your content plan for the month.  

This could be Google Calendar, Asana, Trello, a tool like my Social Media Content Calendar, or an old-school paper calendar and a pen. 

2022 social media content calendar

Once your calendar is open, you want to identify holidays, local events, business milestones, and special promotions for the month and add them to the calendar.

Holidays to Celebrate on Social Media in December

Even though December is considered the holiday season, there’s not a wide variety of holidays to celebrate in December besides the big ones – Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

But don’t worry, since the entire month is dedicated to the holiday season, you can create plenty of social media posts celebrating the holiday season and you can run holiday sales and special promotions throughout the month.

Other days, such as New Year’s Eve, can be recognized with a styled image wishing your followers a wonderful holiday.  

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There are over 185 special holidays and observances in December.

Here are some of the more popular holidays and observances in December: 

  • 1st Day of Winter: December 21
  • Christmas: December 25
  • Boxing Day: December 26
  • New Year’s Eve: December 31

For the complete list of December holidays visit: December Holidays to Celebrate on Social Media.

Inside the complete list of holidays, take a look at the daily observances and find some fun ones that spark unique ideas.

For example, if you follow a gluten-free diet you could post a picture baking gluten-free Christmas cookies in honor of Gluten-Free Baking week.

Or, you could share a picture wearing your favorite ugly Christmas sweater on National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day on December 17th.

To find fun days to celebrate on social media use a resource like my Social Media Content System which provides a detailed list of over 3,300 special days and observances to help you plan out the special days you want to recognize during December. 

Next, look at your marketing plan to see if you have any big promotions planned for the month. If you’re running a huge holiday sale, add it to your content calendar and plan out which days you want to promote it on social media.

Once all of your special days and promotions are planned out on your calendar, then add 1 – 2 question posts each week throughout the month. 

Access done-for-you content for every day in December inside the Social Content App

Questions to Ask on Social Media in December

December is associated with the holidays and the start of a new season – winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in the southern hemisphere.

Create questions based around Christmas or Hanukkah, wrapping up the year or starting a new one, and the changing of seasons.

For example, “What is your favorite holiday tradition?” or “In 3 words or less, how would you describe 2021?” 


Unless you’re a party planner, asking your followers about their favorite holiday traditions has nothing to do with your business. 

But guess what? That’s OK! In fact, it’s better than OK. It’s exactly what you want to do. 

Your feed should not be filled with self-promotional posts that scream “ME, ME, ME!!!”  

Good social media content focuses on creating positive conversations and providing value to your audience. 

Fun questions are a great way to create positive conversations and get more engagement on your posts. 

Remember, engagement is what lets the algorithm know that your content is valuable and increases its visibility. 

Once you’ve added questions to your content calendar, then add 1- 2 positive quotes to share each week throughout the month. 

Get Access to Copy-and-Post Content for December inside the Social Content App

Quotes to Share on Social Media in December

Quotes focused on generosity, gift-giving, and the blessing of family are ideal to share during the month of December. 

For example:

  • “Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but what we give.” Ben Carson
  • “It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” Mother Teresa
  • “Family is not an important thing, it’s everything” Michael J. Fox
december app images post size

Positive and uplifting quotes make wonderful social media content because they help counteract all the toxicity on social media media and generate lots of likes.  

When creating a quote social media post, I recommend designing an image with the quote on it in a big, bold, and easy-to-read font. 

Scripted fonts may look pretty, but they’re hard to read and people scroll right on past them. 

Once you’ve added quotes to your content calendar, fill in the remaining days with educational, personal, or promotional posts.

Finalize Your December Content Calendar

Once you’ve added holidays, questions, and quotes to your content calendar, you’re ready to fill in the remaining days.

First, add in one self-promotional post each week.

Remember, your content should be focused on serving your audience, but that doesn’t mean you should never promote your business.

The goal of your social media efforts is to grow your business so make sure you’re promoting your products and services about once a week.

For 17 different ideas on how to promote your business on social media read: 100 Ideas of What to Post on Social Media.

Use the ideas in that post to fill in the remaining days of your content calendar.

To speed up the process, download my free cheat sheet of 100 post ideas.

100 Ideas Cheat Sheet Image

Once each day of your December content calendar is planned out, you’re ready to identify popular and trending hashtags to use in your posts. 

Hashtags to Use on Social Media in December

Hashtags are an outstanding way to increase the visibility and reach of your social media posts. 

You can use up to 30 hashtags in your Instagram posts, but research from Track Maven suggests 9 hashtags is the magic number for Instagram.

On Facebook and Twitter, I recommend you use 1 – 2 hashtags, and on LinkedIn use 3 – 5 hashtags.

When compiling your list of hashtags for Instagram, be careful not to use only the most popular hashtags.

Hashtags with millions of posts are highly competitive and the chances of your content being seen are much smaller.

Hashtag Sign

To increase your exposure, I recommend including hashtags with a range of popularity in your posts. 

Choose a few highly popular hashtags with millions of posts, a few hashtags with hundreds of thousands of posts, and a few less popular hashtags with thousands of posts.  

To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of 20 of the best hashtags to use on Social Media in December: 

  1. #christmas
  2. #christmas2021
  3. #christmascheer
  4. #christmasdecor
  5. #christmasiscoming
  6. #christmasseason
  7. #december
  8. #hanukkah
  9. #happyholidays
  10. #happynewyear
  11. #holidayseason
  12. #merrychristmas
  13. #mistletoe
  14. #newyearseve
  15. #seasonsgreetings
  16. #tistheseason
  17. #winter
  18. #winterishere
  19. #wintersolstice
  20. #wintertime

For even more hashtags, read my blog post: December Hashtags for Social Media – Over 100 Hashtags for 2021.

Get hashtags done-for-you every single day of the month inside the Social Content App

How to Create Content for Social Media

Now that you have your social media content planned out for December, you’ll need to set aside time each week to create your social media posts. 

Remember when I said to include an image or video in every single post? 

Research has shown that posts with an image get 2.3 times more engagement than posts without an image. 

If you’re going to bother creating content, make sure you include an image. 

A great tool to use is It’s a free online design tool that takes all the guesswork out of graphic design. 

10068 653612

When creating content for social media I recommend blocking off 2 hours each week. 

You’ll use that time to plan out your posts for the week, design images or record videos, write out the text status and research all the hashtags for each post. 

Content Creation Hack for Social Media

If you don’t have 2 – 3 hours to spare each week and need a content creation hack, then join the Social Media Content Club and cut that time down to 1 minute a day! 

Katherine tried it and said, “I tried this for 1 day before buying a yearly subscription. What I love is that most pressure is gone!! No more agonizing blank vapid stares at my phone wondering what to do for social media today.” 

Inside the Content Club, you’ll get access to daily copy-and-post content complete with an eye-catching image, text status, and 3 relevant and popular hashtags.  

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Stan joined the Content Club and said, “Our sales for our webstore have increased by over 50% since we began using this platform. It was the best decision we’ve made. This has been the only platform that exceeded our expectations.” 

Click here to give the Social Media Content Club a try!

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