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Freedom Friday Interview with Hassan Riggs – October 19, 2018

This Freedom Friday interview is with Hassan Riggs, founder and CEO of Smart Alto, a text messaging platform that helps real estate agents nurture leads, clients, and referrals.

Smart Alto is a Y Combinator startup. Other Y Combinator startups include Airbnb, Dropbox, Instacart, Quora, Reddit, and over 1,900 others.

Hassan is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, and front-end hacker with a passion for digital marketing and getting new clients from try to buy as fast as possible.

He spent the first part of his career marketing and selling more than $100 million dollars in products for global brands and startups.

Prior to Smart Alto, he was the Business to Business (B2B) marketing lead at Hilton, where he developed insights that drove commercial strategy.

He previously worked at Abbott Laboratories and evaluated merger and acquisition (M&A) opportunities across Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Watch the live interview above to hear Hassan explain:

  • How to simplify your message and communicate clearly
  • Why you should never tell anyone your business idea
  • Calendar time vs. clock time
  • The one thing he would do differently
  • How to learn what your customer needs
  • Dealing with overwhelm and fear
  • Why people are bad at evaluating risk
  • Why staying in your corporate job is a bigger risk than starting your business

Plus, he shares his refreshing approach to entrepreneurship and how he views everything as an experiment.

Resources Mentioned:

Hassan’s Words of Wisdom

“If you don’t fulfill your purpose in this world you don’t become a benefit to other people.”

Be sure to watch the full interview to hear Hassan explain why staying in your job is riskier than creating a business and following your purpose.

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