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Freedom Friday Interview with Liz Carter – October 5, 2018

This Freedom Friday interview is with Liz Carter, a digital strategist, innovative marketer, problem solver, and badass.

Liz helps women business owners reach a new level of success by being more effective with the programs that they have created.

Liz believes that success comes from knowing what is going on in your business, fixing what’s broken, and amplifying what works.

Liz quit her corporate job to coach softball. Her work coaching young women gave her a stronger purpose and she felt like she was making a meaningful difference in the world, but after a few months, she realized she wanted to do more. 

She witnessed the Mom’s of her players struggle with marketing their own businesses and realized she could help them and make a difference in their lives.  

Liz is passionate about teaching other women that you don’t have to go punch a time clock and live the corporate life. 

Instead, she’s excited to share the message of freedom and power to do it on your own!

In this interview, Liz and I talk about the fear, doubt, and overwhelm that inevitably try to take over when you quit your job. 

She also shares some amazing advice on how to run your business strategically and use curiosity to make smart decisions and conquer overwhelm. 

Watch the live interview above to hear Liz’s story and learn from her amazing journey from corporate employee to entrepreneur.

If you’re thinking of leaving your own corporate job and you’re looking for some inspiration and empowerment, you have to watch this interview with Liz. 

Resources Mentioned:

Liz’s Success Mantra

“Someone’s going to do it, why shouldn’t it be me?”

Liz tells herself this success mantra anytime she experiences doubt or overwhelm. 

Be sure to watch all the way to the end of the interview to hear some of her best tips on building and growing a business. 

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