January Hashtags for Social Media – Over 100 Hashtags for 2022

Wondering what hashtags to use on social media in January?

This complete list of hashtags will provide you with over 100 popular hashtags to use on Instagram throughout January.

These hashtags can also work on other social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

January Hashtags for Social Media

Hashtags are an outstanding way to increase the visibility and reach of your social media posts. 

You can use up to 30 hashtags in your Instagram posts, but research from Track Maven suggests 9 hashtags is the magic number for Instagram.

On Facebook and Twitter, I recommend you use 1 – 2 hashtags, and on LinkedIn use 3 – 5 hashtags.

When compiling your list of hashtags for Instagram, be careful not to use only the most popular hashtags.

Hashtags with millions of posts are highly competitive and the chances of your content being seen are much smaller.

That’s why I’ve curated a list of popular hashtags that range from 15,000 to 1 million posts or more.

Use a variety of these hashtags in your posts for maximum results.

January Hashtags

  • #2022goals
  • #2022resolutions
  • #brrrr
  • #dailyhabits 
  • #happynewyear
  • #happynewyear2022
  • #healthandwellness
  • #healthgoals 
  • #healthy
  • #healthyhabits
  • #healthylifestyle
  • #Ihaveadream 
  • #itscoldoutside
  • #january 
  • #january2022
  • #januarydays
  • #januarygoals
  • #januarymood
  • #januaryphotochallenge
  • #januaryvibes 
  • #letitsnow
  • #lovewinter
  • #martinlutherking
  • #martinlutherkingday
  • #martinlutherkingjr
  • #mlk
  • #mlkday
  • #mlkday2022
  • #mlkjr
  • #motivation 
  • #newyear2022
  • #newyeargoals 
  • #newyearmood
  • #newyearnewgoals 
  • #newyearnewme 
  • #newyearnewstart
  • #newyearnewyou
  • #newyearresolutions 
  • #newyearsresolution
  • #newyearvibes 
  • #Resolutions
  • #Snow
  • #snowday
  • #Snowfall
  • #SnowFlake
  • #snowfun
  • #Snowing
  • #snowlife
  • #snowlove
  • #snowseason 
  • #snowvibes
  • #wellnessgoals 
  • #winter2022
  • #winter22
  • #winterfun
  • #winterglow 
  • #winterishere
  • #winterlover
  • #winterseason 
  • #wintertime
  • #wintervibes
  • #winterwonderland

Daily Hashtags

When compiling your list of hashtags to use for a social media post, remember to also incorporate daily hashtags.

Daily hashtags are very popular and they’re meant to be used on specific days of the week. 

Below are some of the most popular daily hashtags to use on social media.

For a complete list of daily hashtags read: 210 Daily Hashtags for Social Media.


  • #SundayFunday
  • #HappySunday
  • #WeekendVibes


  • #MondayMotivation
  • #MondayQuotes
  • #MondayMantra


  • #TuesdayMotivation
  • #TuesdayThoughts
  • #TacoTuesday


  • #WednesdayMotivation
  • #WednesdayMorning
  • #HappyHumpDay


  • #ThursdayQuotes
  • #ThursdayMotivation
  • #ThrowbackThursday


  • #TGIF
  • #HappyFriday
  • #FlashbackFriday


  • #HappySaturday
  • #SaturdayNight
  • #SmallBusinessSaturday

Holiday Hashtags

Did you know there are over 180 different holidays to celebrate on social media in January?

The holidays range from major holidays like New Year’s Day to obscure and random holidays like Dress Up Your Pet Day.

To help you sort through the massive list, I’ve compiled a smaller list of the more popular holidays for social media.

The hashtags for these holidays all have at least 4,000 posts and many have over one million posts.


  • January 1: New Year’s Day – #newyearsday
  • January 6: National Cuddle Up Day – #nationalcuddleupday
  • January 8: National Bubble Bath Day – #bubblebathday
  • January 12: International Kiss A Ginger Day – #kissagingerday
  • January 13: National Clean Off Your Desk Day – #cleanoffyourdeskday
  • January 15: National Hat Day – #nationalhatday
  • January 17: Martin Luther King Jr. Day – #mlkday
  • January 17: Blue Monday – #bluemonday
  • January 18: National Winnie The Pooh Day – #winniethepoohday
  • January 19: National Popcorn Day – #nationalpopcornday
  • January 20: Get to Know Your Customers Day – #gettoknowyourcustomersday
  • January 21: National Hugging Day – #nationalhuggingday
  • January 23: National Handwriting Day – #nationalhandwritingday
  • January 23: National Pie Day – #nationalpieday
  • January 24: National Compliment Day – #nationalcomplimentday
  • January 24: National Peanut Butter Day – #nationalpeanutbutterday
  • January 25: Plan for Vacation Day – #planforvacation
  • January 26: National Spouses Day – #nationalspousesday
  • January 27: International Holocaust Remembrance Day – #holocaustremembranceday
  • January 27: National Chocolate Cake Day – #chocolatecakeday
  • January 28: International Lego Day – #legoday
  • January 28: National Have Fun At Work Day – #funatworkday
  • January 29: National Puzzle Day – #nationalpuzzleday
  • January 31: National Hot Chocolate Day – #nationalhotchocolateday

For the complete list of all 180+ holidays to celebrate in January (along with hashtags) read: January Holidays for Social Media.

January Social Media Post Ideas

Business owners and marketers face two big issues with social media marketing – lack of time and lack of content. 

Lucky for you, I solve both of those issues in my blog post: January Social Media Post Ideas.

You’ll discover what to post to social media during the month of January.

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january social media post ideas blog image

Curated Social Media Hashtag Lists

Unfortunately, curating a list of relevant and popular hashtags for each post takes a lot of time and creative energy – something most business owners and marketers have in short supply. 

Inside the Social Media Content Club you’ll find curated hashtag lists for every month of the year.  

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Give the Social Media Content Club a try and watch your engagement and business skyrocket.

If you found this post helpful, please share it with others! It would mean the world to me.


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