245+ June Holidays in 2022 | Fun, Weird, and Special Dates

Are you looking for June holidays or special dates to celebrate on social media?

Are you a small business owner or marketer?

Marketing your business on social media just got a lot easier with this complete list of June holidays, observances, and special dates to promote.

june 2022 holidays

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate in June! Here is a list of 245+ June holidays to help you plan your marketing calendar.

June is a month full of holidays that offer something unique for every type of business! From Father’s Day and National Flag Day, to more obscure celebrations like National Chocolate Pudding Day and National Rosé Day. With all these fun and unique dates, there is sure to be a June holiday that you can get behind and promote.

it's national rosé day june holidays blog post image

Check out the full list of June holidays below. Every day is a holiday if you celebrate it! Remember to make everyday fun, weird and special and find something to celebrate. Mark your calendars and get ready to explore fun, weird, and special dates in June 2022. Happy June!

Why June Holidays Make Great Social Media Posts

Back in my corporate marketing days, when I managed the social media channels for a $150 million business, I rejoiced when a holiday came around.

It gave me a built-in reason to create content, which made my job a lot easier.

People are already in party mode and looking for things to do. Why not help them out by giving them ideas for celebrating?

Including holidays in your social media content is an easy way to increase engagement and reach. People are already talking about the holiday, so you just need to join the conversation.

You can use holiday-related hashtags, post photos celebrating the holiday, run contests, or offer discounts related to the holiday.

fathers day june holidays blog post image

Not sure how to get started? Here are some ideas:

  • Share recipes for favorite dishes served on the holiday
  • Give tips on how to decorate for the holiday
  • Offer advice on entertaining during the holiday season
  • Share photos of employees or customers celebrating the holiday
  • Run a contest related to the holiday
  • Offer a discount on products or services related to the holiday

With this list of June holidays, you will be able to easily come up with social media content ideas for June that will resonate with your audience and help you increase engagement and reach on your social channels.

Holiday posts are easy to create and they always receive more “likes” than any other post.

Not many people will engage with a post about a company news release or an industry article, but many who see a post wishing everyone a Happy Father’s Day will give it a “like.”

happy fathers day

For a business owner or marketer, holiday posts not only increase your social media engagement, but they’re also easy posts to create that fill your followers with positive emotions.

When sharing a holiday post, always include an image or video with your status update, no matter what platform you’re using. 

That’s because posts with an image get 2.3 times more engagement than posts without an image. (source) Also, tack on a holiday-themed hashtag to make it easy for people to find your content, and use location tagging if you have a physical storefront.

Including an image with your post is the easiest way to DOUBLE engagement and it’s why the Social Media Content Club, our industry-leading social media software, is FULL of eye-catching images.

monthly content images

For more tips on how to increase your social media engagement, read: 5 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement. 

Holiday Hashtags for Social Media

When celebrating holidays on social media, it’s important to include the relevant hashtag(s) for that holiday in your post. I’ve already done the leg work for you by researching over 130 June hashtags for social media. Just copy and paste the hashtags you want to use into your social media post.

Hashtags will increase the reach of your post, exposing your business to a larger audience.

To learn why and how to use hashtags on social media, read: 210 Daily Hashtags for Social Media.

Hashtags are such an essential piece to your success on social media that I’ve done the research for you.

hashtag research image

Most of the holidays listed below include a hashtag for social media. 

However, for best results, you’ll want to use 3 – 5 hashtags relevant to that holiday in your post. 

If you’re pressed for time, the Social Media Content Club does the hashtag research for you and provides 3 popular and relevant hashtags for all major holidays. 

Now that you know those helpful tips let’s jump into the list of Holidays.

List of June Holidays in 2022

In an effort to simplify this massive list of holidays, I’ve divided the days into five categories – public holidays, religious holidays, monthly holidays, weekly holidays, and daily holidays.

Scroll down to view all 245+ holidays or use the following links to skip ahead to a specific category.

Public June Holidays in 2022

This list contains public holidays and special local observances in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

DateHolidayHashtagWhere Observed
June 2Spring Bank Holiday#BankHolidayUnited Kingdom
June 6Queensland Day#QueenslandDayQueensland, Australia
June 6Western Australia Day#WesternAustraliaParts of Australia
June 8Bounty Day#NorfolkIslandNorfolk Island, Australia
June 11Queen’s Birthday#QueensBirthdayUnited Kingdom
June 13Queen’s Birthday#QueensBirthdayAustralia
June 19Father’s Day#FathersDayUS, UK, and Canada
June 19Juneteenth#JuneteenthUnited States
June 211st Day of Summer#SummerSolsticeNorth America & UK
June 21June Solstice#WinterSolsticeAustralia
June 21Indigenous Peoples Day#IndigenousPeoplesDayCanada
June 22Windrush Day#WindrushDayUnited Kingdom
June 24St. Jean Baptiste Day#SaintJeanBaptisteQuebec

Religious June Holidays in 2022

June 4Shavuot Eve#FeastofShavuotJewish
June 5Shavuot#ShavuotJewish
June 5Pentecost#PentecostChristian
June 6Whit Monday#WhitMondayChristian
June 12Trinity Sunday#TrinitySundayChristian
June 16Corpus Christi#CorpusChristiHolidayChristian
juneteenth june holidays blog post image

June Monthly Holidays in 2022

Adopt-A-Cat Month
African-American Music Appreciation Month
Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month
Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome (APS) Awareness Month
Audiobook Month
Beautiful in Your Skin Month
Caribbean-American Heritage Month
Cataract Awareness Month
Child Vision Awareness Month
Effective Communications Month
Entrepreneurs’ “Do It Yourself” Marketing Month
Fireworks Safety Month
Great Outdoors Month
LGBTQ Pride Month
Men’s Health Month
National Accordion Awareness Month
National Aphasia Awareness Month
National Camping Month
National Candy Month
National Caribbean-American Heritage Month
National Country Cooking Month
National Dairy Month
National DJ Month
National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month
National Give a Bunch of Balloons Month
National Homeownership Month
National Iced Tea Month
National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month
National Oceans Month
National Pollinators Month
National PTSD Awareness Month
National Rivers Month
National Rose Month
National Safety Month
National Scoliosis Awareness Month
National Soul Food Month
National Steakhouse Month
National Zoo and Aquarium Month
Oral Health Month
Perennial Gardening Month
Potty Training Awareness Month
Professional Wellness Month
Rebuild Your Life Month
Scleroderma Awareness Month
Sports America Kids Month
Turkey Lovers Month
Women’s Golf Month
World Infertility Awareness Month

June Weekly Holidays in 2022

June 4 – 14National Fishing Week
June 4 – 14National Boating Week
June 5 – 11Bed Bug Awareness Week
June 5 – 11National Business Etiquette Week
June 5 – 11National Headache Awareness Week
June 5 – 11Pet Appreciation Week
June 12 – 18National Flag Week
June 12 – 18National Right of Way Professionals Week
June 13 – 19National Men’s Health Week
June 13 – 19National Little League Week®
June 16 – 22National Nurse Assistants’ Week
June 19 – 24Lightning Safety Awareness Week
June 19 – 24National Mosquito Control Awareness Week
June 19 – 24National Play Catch Week
June 19 – 24Universal Father’s Week
June 19 – 25National Camping Week
June 20 – 26National Pollinator Week
June 25 – July 1stNational Boys & Girls Club Week

June National Holidays in 2022

June 1Global Day of Parents#DayOfParents
June 1National Go Barefoot Day#GoBarefootDay
June 1National Hazelnut Cake Day#HazelnutCakeDay
June 1National Heimlich Maneuver Day#HeimlichManeuverDay
June 1National Nail Polish Day#NationalNailPolishDay
June 1National Olive Day#NationalOliveDay
June 1National Penpal Day#NationalPenpalDay
June 1National Running Day#NationalRunningDay
June 1National Say Something Nice Day#SaySomethingNiceDay
June 1World Reef Awareness Day#WorldReefDay
June 1Flip a Coin Day#coin
June 2National Bubba Day#NationalBubbaDay
June 2National Leave The Office Early Day#LeaveTheOfficeEarlyDay
June 2National Moonshine Day#NationalMoonshineDay
June 2National Rocky Road Day#RockyRoadDay
June 2National Rotisserie Chicken Day#RotisserieChickenDay
June 3National Chocolate Macaroons Day#ChocolateMacaroonDay
June 3National Doughnut Day#DoughnutDay
June 3National Egg Day#NationalEggDay
June 3National Repeat Day#NationalRepeatDay
June 3World Cider Day#worldciderday
June 4National Hug Your Cat Day#HugYourCatDay
June 4National Black Bear Day#NationalBlackBearDay
June 4National Bubbly Day#NationalBubblyDay
June 4National Cheese Day#NationalCheeseDay
June 4National Cognac Day#NationalCognacDay
June 4National Old Maids Day#OldMaidsDay
June 4National Prairie Day#NationalPrairieDay
June 4National SAFE Day#nationalsafeday
June 4National Trails Day#NationalTrailsDay
June 4World Bicycle Day#BicycleDay
June 5National Cancer Survivors Day®#CancerSurvivorsDay
June 5National Gingerbread Day#NationalGingerbreadDay
June 5National Veggie Burger Day#VeggieBurgerDay
June 5World Environment Day#WorldEnvironmentDay
June 5National Frozen Yogurt Day#NationalFrozenYogurtDay
June 6D-Day#DDay
June 6National Applesauce Cake Day#ApplesauceCakeDay
June 6National Drive-In Movie Day#DriveInMovieDay
June 6National Eyewear Day#NationalEyewearDay
June 6National Gardening Exercise Day#GardeningExerciseDay
June 6National Higher Education Day#HigherEducationDay
June 6National Yo-Yo Day#NationalYoYoDay
June 6Russian Language Day#RussianLanguageDay
June 7Daniel Boone Day#DanielBooneDay
June 7National Chocolate Ice Cream Day#ChocolateIceCreamDay
June 7National VCR Day#NationalVCRDay
June 8National Best Friends Day#BestFriendsDay
June 8National Name Your Poison Day#NameYourPoisonDay
June 8National Upsy Daisy Day#UpsyDaisyDay
June 8World Oceans Day#OceansDay
June 9National Donald Duck Day#DonaldDuckDay
June 9National Earl Day#NationalEarlDay
June 9National Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie Day#StrawberryRhubarbPieDay
June 10National Ballpoint Pen Day#BallpointPenDay
June 10National Black Cow Day#BlackCowDay
June 10National Egg Roll Day#NationalEggRollDay
June 10National Herbs and Spices Day#HerbsAndSpicesDa
June 10National Iced Tea Day#NationalIcedTeaDay.
June 11King Kamehameha Day#KamehamehaDay
June 11National Corn on the Cob Day#CornOnTheCobDay
June 11National German Chocolate Cake Day#GermanChocolateCakeDay
June 11National Making a Beautiful Life Day#MakingLifeBeautifulDay
June 11National Rosé Day#NationalRoséDay
June 12National Children’s Day#NationalChildrensDay
June 12National Jerky Day#NationalJerkyDay
June 12National Loving Day#NationalLovingDay
June 12National Peanut Butter Cookie Day#NationalPeanutButterCookieDay
June 12National Red Rose Day#NationalRedRoseDay
June 12World Day Against Child Labor#stopchildlabour
June 13National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day#NationalKitchenKlutzes
June 13National Sewing Machine Day#NationalSewingMachineDay
June 13National Weed Your Garden Day#NationalWeedYourGardenDay
June 13Random Acts of Light Day#RandomActsofLightDay
June 14Army Birthday#ArmyBirthday
June 14Call Your Doctor Day#CallYourDoctorDay
June 14International Bath Day#InternationalBathDay
June 14National Bourbon Day#NationalBourbonDay
June 14National Flag Day#NationalFlagDay
June 14National Pop Goes the Weasel Day#NationalPopGoesTheWeaselDay
June 14National Strawberry Shortcake Day#StrawberryShortcakeDay
June 14World Blood Donor Day#BloodDonorDay
June 15National Smile Power Day#SmilePowerDay
June 15Nature Photography Day#NaturePhotographyDay
June 15World Elder Abuse Awareness Day#ElderAbuseAwarenessDay
June 16Bloomsday#Bloomsday
June 16International Day of the African Child#DayOfTheAfricanChild
June 16National Nursing Assistants Day#CareerNurseAssistantsDay
June 16National Dump the Pump Day#DumpThePumpDay
June 16National Fudge Day#NationalFudgeDay
June 17Global Garbage Man Day#GarbageManDay
June 17National Apple Strudel Day#AppleStrudelDay
June 17National Cherry Tart Day#NationalCherryTartDay
June 17National Eat Your Vegetable’s Day#EatYourVegetablesDay
June 17National Flip Flop Day#NationalFlipFlopDay
June 17National Stewart’s Root Beer Day#StewartsRootBeerDay
June 17National Take Back the Lunch Break Day#takebacklunch
June 17Ugliest Dog Day#UgliestDogDay
June 17Wear BLUE Day#WearBlueDay
June 17Bunker Hill Day#bunkerhill
June 18International Panic Day#PanicDay
June 18International Picnic Day#PicnicDay
June 18International Sushi Day#SushiDay
June 18National Go Fishing Day#NationalGoFishingDay
June 18National Splurge Day#NationalSplurgeDay
June 19Father’s Day#FathersDay
June 19Juneteenth#Juneteenth
June 19National FreeBSD Day#FreeBSDDay
June 19National Garfield the Cat Day#GarfieldTheCatDay
June 19National Martini Day#NationalMartiniDay
June 19National Watch Day#NationalWatchDay
June 19Turkey Lovers’ Day#TurkeyLoversDay
June 19World Sauntering Day#WorldSaunteringDay
June 20American Eagle Day#NationalAmericanEagleDay
June 20International Nystagmus Day#NystagmusAwarenessDay
June 20National Hike with a Geek Day#HikeWithAGeekDay
June 20National Ice Cream Soda Day#NationalIceCreamSodaDay
June 20National Kouign Amann Day#NationalKouignAmannDay
June 20National Vanilla Milkshake Day#VanillaMilkshakeDay
June 20World Juggling Day#JugglingDay
June 20World Refugee Day#WorldRefugeeDay
June 21First Day of Summer / Summer Solstice#SummerSolstice
June 21Go Skateboarding Day#GoSkateboardingDay
June 21International Day of Yoga#InternationalDayOfYoga
June 21National Day of the Gong#DayOfTheGong
June 21National Daylight Appreciation Day#DaylightAppreciationDay
June 21National Peaches ‘N’ Cream Day#NationalPeachesnCreamDay
June 21National Seashell Day#NationalSeashellDay
June 21National Selfie Day#NationalSelfieDay
June 22International Yoga Day#internationalyogaday
June 21World Music Day#WorldMusicDay
June 22National Chocolate Eclair Day#NationalChocolateEclairDay
June 22National HVAC Tech Day#NationalHVACTechDay
June 22National Onion Rings Day#NationalOnionRingsDay
June 23National Hydration Day#NationalHydrationDay
June 23National Pecan Sandies Day#NationalPecanSandiesDay
June 23National Pink Day#NationalPinkDay
June 24National Pralines Day#NationalPralinesDay
June 24Swim a Lap Day#SwimALapDay
June 24Take Your Dog to Work Day#TakeYourDogToWorkDay
June 25Day of the Seafarer#DayOfTheSeafarer
June 25Global Beatles Day#GlobalBeatlesDay
June 25National Catfish Day#NationalCatfishDay
June 25National Leon Day#NationalLeonDay
June 25National Strawberry Parfait Day#NationalStrawberryParfaitDay
June 25Summersgiving#Summersgiving
June 26National Beautician’s Day#NationalBeauticiansDay
June 26National Chocolate Pudding Day#NationalChocolatePuddingDay
June 27Helen Keller Day#HelenKellerDay
June 27National HIV Testing Day#NationalHIVTestingDay
June 27National Ice Cream Cake Day#IceCreamCakeDay
June 27National Orange Blossom Day#NationalOrangeBlossomDay
June 27National PTSD Awareness Day#NationalPTSDAwarenessDay
June 27National Sunglasses Day#NationalSunglassesDay
June 27Please Take my Children to Work Day#PleaseTakeMyChildrenToWorkDay
June 28National Alaska Day#NationalAlaskaDay
June 28National Insurance Awareness Day#NationalInsuranceAwarenessDay
June 28National Logistics Day#NationalLogisticsDay
June 28National Paul Bunyan Day#NationalPaulBunyanDay
June 28National Tapioca Day#NationalTapiocaDay
June 28Tau Day#TauDay
June 29Hug Holiday Day#HugHolidayDay
June 29National Almond Buttercrunch Day#NationalAlmondButtercrunchDay
June 29National Camera Day#NationalCameraDay
June 29National Parchment Day#NationalParchmentDay
June 29National Waffle Iron Day#NationalWaffleIronDay
June 30International Asteroid Day#AsteroidDay
June 30National Bomb Pop Day#NationalBombPopDay
June 30National Handshake Day#NationalHandshakeDay
June 30National Meteor Watch Day#NationalMeteorWatchDay
June 30National OOTD Day#NationalOOTDDay
June 30Social Media Day#SocialMediaDay
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July Holidays in 2022

The complete list of holidays, local observance, and fun, weird, and special dates for July 2022 can be found here: AngieGensler.com/July-Holidays

july 2022 holidays

To access the list of holidays for every month in 2022 and beyond, visit the Holidays index page.

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The month of June is packed with holidays and observances that can be used as social media content. From Father’s Day to Flag Day, there are plenty of hashtags and ideas to help you get your social media posts seen by more people. And don’t forget about using monthly, weekly, and daily observances to keep your social media calendar full! We hope this post has been helpful and gives you some great ideas for content. If you found it useful, please share it with others!

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