150 Social Media Image Templates

Increase your social media engagement and save HOURS of time and stress with these 150 customizable social media image templates.

Ready to post on social media as-is OR customize them to match your unique brand identity!

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What You Get with the social media Images


46 Holiday Templates

46 holidays to celebrate on social media in 2019. These holidays are ideal for the United States, but many are applicable to all countries.


52 Question Templates

52 questions to ask on social media designed to increase engagement. Asking questions is an outstanding way to increase comments!

52 Inspiring Quote Templates

There is no better way to rack up the “likes” on social media than with inspiring quotes. These quotes were hand selected for optimal engagement.

Video Tutorial

The tutorial walks you through exactly how to customize the images to fit your branding and style and save them as a high-resolution file.
The templates are in Google Slides (also accessible with PowerPoint) so they’re extremely easy to edit, save, and post on social media. 

You can customize each image to include your own logo and website and many can be customized with your own fonts, colors, and style!

Each image is sized at 800 x 800 pixels. This is the ideal size for Instagram, but also works well on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Plus, these templates sync perfectly with the 2019 Social Media Content Calendar!

Each of the 150 images corresponds with a post on the 2019 calendar which means 41% of your social media posts for 2019 are completely done for you!

Think about the massive time and stress you’ll save in 2019 by having almost half of your social media images already created and done for you.

What Customer’s Have to Say…

“I highly recommend these products to anyone who just needs a boost to get going. The files are easy to access, her instructions are awesome, and everything is customizable. We’ve all stared at the blank page and gotten nowhere, and this was a game-changer for me. On any given day that I simply don’t have time to create something new, I can just plug one of Angie’s amazing pre-created items in so I am done for the day. I won’t miss a beat in the social media landscape.”

Kymberli Mulford


“Angie’s images are so much easier to use then going into Canva even which is where I started out but then had to keep buying images. They are beautifully created with just enough room to add your own twists and personality yet make pre-scheduling so easy!  Now instead of being a chore I look forward to my weekly sit down and also no longer stress that I’m on vacation and haven’t posted anything! With Angie’s products it’s easier to stay on budget!”

Kate Maryon


“The best way to know what to post daily on Facebook without having to waste a bunch of time thinking about what to post. The templates are easy to use and customize with web link or change the background photo if necessary.  Well worth the investment. Angie’s free training and tutorials helped me to learn a new way of creating customized posts using Google slides, which I never knew existed. You can create and customize a weeks worth of slides for posting at the appropriate times.”

Ramon Notarianni


I ended up buying the bonus pre-made social media images, because even though I could probably make these myself, it would take me a lot of time, it is sooo much easier to just use the ones that are already created. LOVE! It’s been worth it for me!

Tara Giles


“I purchased the social media content calendar the media image templates and I LOVE IT!  One of my challenges last year when it came to social media was trying to figure out what to post on a daily basis.  These tools have now solved my problem. Not only do I a have a tool that guides on what to post, but the images to go along with it. Such a time saver and I can schedule my post in advance. Thank you Angie for coming up with such a great idea for small business owners.”

Edith Ross


“The quote image templates and the ask a question prompts have been a quick and easy way for come up with fresh content – something I have struggled with in the past. The video instructions on how to modify the templates and make them user specific has also been hugely beneficial. My goal word this year is FOCUS and with Angie’s help, I have been able to do just that!”

Peggy Jaeger


“Before downloading these tools, I was spending HOURS trying to get my marketing efforts together but NOW, I spend MINUTES each day and my marketing is SPOT ON! Thank you for making my marketing life EASY!”

Anissa Jackon


My iron-clad guarantee

I’m a small business owner just like you. I understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in a digital product. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that won’t help you.

I’m extremely proud of these image templates and I know anyone who buys them and uses them will be thrilled with their purchase and receive tons of value.

That’s why I’m offering a 30-day money back guarantee. While I can’t guarantee that these images will double your social media engagement or followers, I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the images and the time and stress they will save you.

If you’re not happy with the image templates, I will refund your money within 30 days of your purchase.

Who created these imaGe TEMPLATES?

Angie Gensler Headshot

My name is Angie Gensler and I’m a professional marketer turned blogger. I worked as a corporate marketer for over 10 years. After receiving my MBA in 2010, I quickly worked up the ranks until I was head of marketing for a $150 million dollar business.

Despite my perceived success, I was miserable and felt called to do something greater. I started my blog in 2016 and grew it quickly using social media.  

My tips on social media marketing have been featured on Social Media Examiner, Thrive Global, the Art of Paid Traffic podcast, the Your Online Genius podcast, the Social Media Online Summit, and several other sites.

My experience and success with marketing my blog on social media is the main reason why I was able to quit my high-paying corporate job and I’m now able to work where I want, and when I want.  

I’ve researched, tested, and learned what works, and what doesn’t work on social media and I’ve learned a thing or two about image design. These image templates are designed specifically to increase your engagement on social media.

To your success,

Angie Gensler

Get INSTANT Access to the 2019 Social Media Image Templates Now

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Get INSTANT Access to the 2019 Social Media Image Templates Now

Social Media Is Effortless with these 150 image templates

150 customizable templates to eliminate social media overwhelm

150 social media image templates to increase engagement

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