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365 Days of Social Media Posts

Tackle social media and save hours of time and stress with the
2018 Social Media Content Calendar.
It’s 365 days of social media content planned out for you!


What Customers Have to Say…

Wendy Dykema - Usborne Happy

This helped so much – I loved using it for all of my social media – Twitter, instagram, Facebook. It helped me with Usborne Happy because we have a ton of books to offer and I like to know about each of my products. That meant I often was torn between being product savvy or tech savvy… enter your calendar: Your calendar took a major weight off my plate so that I *could* focus on my products and customers. Thank you so much!

Wendy Dykema, Usborne Happy

What’s Inside the 2018 Social Media Content Calendar?

Social Media Content Calendar 2018

○  365 days of social media post ideas

○  47 United States holidays

○  52 questions to increase engagement

○  Additional resources to customize for your business


What Customers Have to Say…

Melissa Berry - Sunburntsave.com

“Your social media calendar helped me SO much! I had only around 100 followers, max, and now I’m up to 387 just by following your social media calendar! I tried doing the “follow for follow” thing, but it wasn’t authentic or long-lasting. Your consistent suggestions for posts has been the only consistency and has really paid off for me. I’m planning on making Instagram more integral to my business in 2018, and all the help I’ve received from your social media calendar will only continue to propel me forward!”

Melissa Berry, Sun Burnt Saver
Julie Coggsdale - Realtor

“Angie has lots of information to help schedule and organize for business owners. You never realize how much is actually needed to start a business until you are overwhelmed and that’s a very scary feeling. But thanks to Angie’s calendar and very helpful guides I felt like I found the support that I needed, she is much appreciated. ”

Julie Coggsdale, Realtor®
Julie Wenckowski - Screenflex

“As a smaller company, the calendar is a great jumping off point for our social media efforts. It sparks ideas on what we can post, what we should be writing about, and how to set social media goals.”

Herlina Kwee - Maklinglol.com

“This planner is awesome. I am not much of a social media kinda gal to begin with. (Hashtags? What are those??) I am at loss at what I should be posting on the social media channels. I have only been using them to post my articles, a few inspirational messages and share other people’s contents. This calendar is a game changer. Love the different ideas for each day. Thank you so much for the inspirations.”

Herlina Kwee, Making LOL

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The 2018 Social Media Content Calendar is going to save me hours of time and stress. It is 365 days of content planned out. Get your copy at angiegensler.com.