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Transform Your Blog from a HOBBY into a Profitable BUSINESS

Website Audit

It’s time to stop jacking around and get serious about your blog. Our comprehensive blog audit will identify gaps and outline next steps to transform your blog into a profitable business.

What You’ll Get

You’ll receive a detailed report grading 8 different elements of your blog.

  1. Monetization strategy
  2. Brand and message clarity
  3. Design and structure
  4. Ease of use
  5. Shareability
  6. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  7. Copy  
  8. Security

Your blog report will clearly identify gaps and opportunities for improvement. Each line item addressed will receive a color-coded grade.

  • Red = Major improvements required
  • Yellow = Minor improvements required
  • Green = No improvements required

Website Audit 1

We’ll also list the importance of each item to help you clearly identify where to focus your time and attention first.

Website Audit 2

And finally, we’ll include notes detailing what needs to be improved.

Website Audit 3

Your comprehensive report will outline exactly what you need to do to take your blog to the next level and transform it from a hobby into a business!


You’ll also receive a 15-minute video coaching session to ask questions and walk through the audit results.


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