How to Use Tailwind Tribes to Explode Your Traffic

If you’re a blogger or online business owner, chances are you’ve heard your peers raving about Tailwind Tribes. If you’re curious what this “Tribe” thing is all about you’ve come to the right place! I’m going to walk you through, step-by-step, how to get started using Tailwind Tribes.

Tailwind Tribes is a completely free tool that requires just a few minutes a week, and produces explosive results!

Are you excited? Good, let’s dive in.


How to use Tailwind Tribes to Explode Your Traffic

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How to use Tailwind Tribes video training


What is a Tailwind Tribe?

Tailwind is, in my opinion, the best Pinterest management and scheduling tool on the market. They are currently testing a new feature called Tribes.

A Tribe is a group of people who share their Pinterest content with one another. In Tailwind’s own words, “Tribes make it easy to collaborate and share content among your peers to grow your reach!”



Learn how with the free 5-day Pinterest course.


I began using Tribes about three weeks ago. I am a member of 11 Tribes and I’ve added 12 pins to my Tribes. In that time I have experienced explosive reach and traffic, and the time I spend within my Tribes is less then 15 minutes per week.

To give you an example of the results I’ve experienced in this short three-week period, take a look at the results from my top three performing tribes:

Striving Bloggers:


Bloggers Chalkboard:



Blogging Friends Pins:

From just three Tribes, my pins have been shared by my Tribe-mates 240 times, re-pinned by their followers 163 times and my potential reach is over 1.9 million people.

And you know how long it took me to get that exposure?

About 30 seconds!

WHAT?! Can you say, game changer?

I want you to experience this same explosion of traffic, so I’ve created a guided video tutorial to get you started using Tailwind Tribes.


Are you ready to get started using Tribes? If you Pin social media, marketing or business related content, I would love to have you join my Tribe: Social Media & Digital Marketing.

If you don’t already have a Tailwind account you can get started using Tribes for free! And, if you decide to upgrade to a paid account you’ll receive a $15 credit just for using my Tribe invitation.

Pinterest for Business Course Image

If you don’t pin social media, marketing or business content, no worries! Check out this post from Kathryn of She shares 75 Tailwind Tribes you can join, and they’re segmented by niche!

Still have questions? Comment below and let me know how I can help!


Video training on how to use Tailwind Tribes to explode your website traffic. Tribes is a free tool, quick to use, and drives traffic!

About the Author:

Angie Gensler teaches online business owners how to use online sales funnels and digital marketing strategies to drive traffic, generate leads, and increase sales. She is a seasoned marketing professional focused on keeping it real. This means real simple tutorials and resources that cut out the confusion and provide actionable tips. She is passionate about her family, dance parties, and creating a life worth living!
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  • I just started with tribes and I’m excited to see how it’ll affect my traffic!

    • Hi Angela! Good luck, let me know if you have any questions. I’m happy to help!

  • Jensee

    I appreciate the post, but I highly recommend that you also type out the information. Although many people use video as their go-to, some don’t. I loathe tutorial videos. I can’t make myself sit through them (same with webinars).

    • Thank you for the feedback Jensee! I appreciate your honesty in how you like to consume information.

  • Heidi Johnson

    This is a great video but it skips the hard part about tribes that I was hoping you would answer. It’s fun to add things to tribes, but it’s no fun to find good content and pin it to your own boards. I was hoping you would have some time saving tips on how to pin quickly to meet the share requirement on tribes.

    • Hi Heidi! You are absolutely right about that. The fastest way I’ve found is to use the Tailwind Chrome Browser extension. When you’re in a tribe push your Tailwind extension button and it will allow you to schedule a bunch of pins at once. I’ll try and update this post with a video demoing that feature soon!

  • I keep seeing everyone saying its totally free and then listening a ton of tribes to be part of, but I am limited to only 5 tribes on the free version, and 30 pins a month. Is there a strategy involved here with this? I’m very confused about how to actually get pins repinned. I know I produce quality pins, but I still don’t hit that reach when I can only be part of a select few tribes. Ideas….?

    • Hi Julie Ann,
      Sorry for the confusion. When Tribes was in Beta mode it was completely free. I need to update this blog post to reflect the changes to their plans. You can still get some great traction with 5 tribes and 30 pins, but I absolutely think it’s worth the price to pay for unlimited. If you go the free route, be really picky about the tribes you join. I’ll do an update soon walking you through this.